Types of Channel Partners

Accelerate your Growth

XtraTrust’s Channel Partner Program offers a variety of benefits designed to promote and enhance our partner’s skills, facilitate business growth and maximize profitability.

Considering the end-user outspread and market penetration, we have carefully segmented our channel partners into following four humble categories. These categories are meant to empower people from all walks of life.

1) Global XTG
2) Enterprise XTE
3) Professional XTP
4) Community XTC
5) Affiliate XTA
6) Super XTS

The benefits & expectations of each category are independent of other categories. Here is a brief idea about the benefits available with these categories . We, however, encourage you to speak to our sales advisor for better understanding as this is not the exhaustive list. 

1 Preferential treatment
2 Pre-sales Support      
3 Sales Support
4 Support for participating in the Tenders    
5 Annual Channel events  
6 Sales Incentives as per Company Policy
7 Business reviews for mutual growth
8 Virtual or physical ride-along meetings      
9 Access to Marketing Campaigns  
10 Marketing Support  
11 Dedicated Partner Specialist Consultant    
12 Provide Qualified Leads    
13 Partner Portal/Mobile App
14 Featured on Partner Locator(website) with Category  
15 Technical Support